Artichokes, broad beans and dill

The first broad beans popped up at the farmers markets a few weeks ago. I bought a big bag and eating them raw with our fried Janair, who sells brilliant dried fruit at the stall next to us, he told me about how his Mum cooks broad beans. She cooks them simply with garlic, lemon, olive oil and then finishes them with dill. She sometimes adds artichokes to the mix too.

It's a Turkish style of cooking broad beans that works REALLY well! I added some dry white wine to braise them in and ate them with a bowl of yoghurt and olive oil for lunch and it was so delicious. A really good recipe to try for those in Australia where early broad beans have just arrived.

Artichokes with broad beans and dill

2 tbs olive oil
4 small artichokes (trimmed)
2 cups of broad beans (podded, if young and peeled as well if old)
2 spring onions
1 clove of garlic crushed
1-2 tbs of dry white wine
Salt and pepper
Yoghurt and olive oil, to serve

Heat the olive oil in a large pan over medium heat and add the spring onions. Saute til soft then add the artichokes stirring to coat in oil. Add the garlic and cook briefly, til fragrant. Add a pinch of salt and the wine, stir again and cover. Cook for around 15 minutes, or til the artichokes are very soft, then add the beans and cook until just done. This should take 1-2 minutes with young broad beans, a little longer with older ones.

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